New Tunnelblick version fixes Nameserver problems

If your company uses OpenVPN as the VPN-solution for road warriors, and you are using a Mac, you are probably using Tunnelblick. Tunnelblick is a nice GUI wrapper for OpenVPN on OS X. (I understand it consists of a bit more than a wrapper, but you never see those parts.)

I recently upgraded to version 3.0b9 which fixed all those nasty crash bugs, but created a new problem for me: it would no longer correctly set the nameserver if told to. Even worse, it would somehow destroy /etc/resolv.conf, so all name resolution went out while using the VPN. Not very useful, so I lived without the company nameservers and tried to remember the important IP addresses instead (uh).
On November 20th a new version was released - 3.0b10 - which fixes this problem, but this is not noted in the ReleaseNotes. I suspect the bug was fixed in openvpn and not in Tunnelblick, and the new openvpn version which is included in the new Tunnelblick version no longer suffers from this problem.