Data Centers in Vienna

Vienna has a relatively small data center density compared to other cities, but there are still a few options worth exploring:

DanubeDC, Floridsdorf: very competent looking, fast interaction possible. They build a second DC on the south side of the Danube, too, probably with high-density cooling zones.

IBM ODC21, Floridsdorf: Bureaucracy; fast; very competent looking. Can do high-density cooling zones.

InterXion, Floridsdorf: "the datacenter". VIX2 is hosted here. A bureaucracy. Can do large-scale projects, as well as high-density cooling zones.

interoute, Liesing

Invitel, Voesendorf: Can do large-scale projects, unfortunately not directly located in Vienna.

Nessus, Favoriten: probably very flexible, small company.

SIL, Heiligenstadt: okay. Sometimes a pita, but things get better.

UPC, Favoriten: probably okay. Flexible pricing.

There are rumors that Verizon and Telia also operate data centers in Vienna, but I couldn't get pricing/info from them.

Most data centers offer reasonable pricing while not being capable of doing proper pre-sales. You better know exactly what you want ahead of calling/visiting anyone.