Introducing lastfmproxy-rb released a new Radio API which must be used instead of the old one now. Unfortunately most programs have not been updated to the new API, including lastfmproxy, which I wanted to use to listen to from my squeezebox (there are some limitations in the native squeezebox/ radio stuff which prevent me from using it).

Therefore, I want to introduce: lastfmproxy-rb (git repo).

This piece of software aims to provide a real Shoutcast/ICY-style "internet radio" stream based on the radio API. In the current state it's mostly a big hack, but the basics (== listening) works already. ICY metadata is still on my todo list, for example.

  • ruby 1.8 installed
  • subscriber (limitation of
  • have an API key (get it here for free)

Quick start:
  • fetch proxy.rb
  • create config.rb:
    config = {
      :username => 'yaddayadda',
      :password => 'PASSWORD',
      :station => 'lastfm://artist/MGMT/similarartists',
      :api_key => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
      :api_secret => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  • ruby ./proxy.rb
  • point your audio client to http://localhost:2000/listen.mp3