Switched to VoIP

At work we've now successfully switched from an Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise to a VoIP-/SIP-based solution. This has worked pretty well, some users were excited, some not so (as always).

We're not even missing features, and it's way better for us to handle now. (Even as the LDAP-backed provisioning is still missing right now.)

Overall summary basically boils down to:
  • Freeswitch (inside OpenVZ on a HP ProLiant)
  • Polycom 331 hardware phones
  • Some users are running twinkle instead
  • LDAP-based directory on the Polycom phones (needs a software license though)
  • Phones are provisioned via DHCP+HTTP, they automatically switch to the Voice VLAN after getting their initial DHCP lease
  • PoE
  • LDAP-based provisioning of Users (not yet ready, but real soon now)

Of course, all of this was made possible & implemented mostly by my colleagues, not by myself.